Saturday, March 20, 2010


i went a week without internet connection! it's amazing how much i depend on my computer, the internet to manage my life and entertain myself. i was suddenly paralized, unable to do 'need to do' things, essentials. besides important life matters i had a ton of recipies lined up to try and i was suddenly cut off from them all with only a couple saved on my 'living cookbook' software (do you know of anything better?). but
i got to work going through all my old recipies, in the physical world. organizing them, weeding out the ones i probably wont try and clearing out all the many magazine recipies i've saved up. i'm still not done but i've made impressive progress. besides all that i've managed to rearange my living room and bedroom, sorting, purging, organizing my world again. it's time though, spring cleaning the same weekend that we sprung forward. i just put up all my winter cloths and now it's supposed to snow tomorrow! grr, can i catch a break please?

i didn't write down how much i had loss so i'm not sure if i've gone up or down but i do remember the 265lbs. number and i'm under that so i'm doing good at 258lbs. i'm not doing my physical and occupation therapy exercises as i should but i have therapy with each twice a week making a huge difference in my over all strength and i believe it is the reason that i've been able to start baking and had the strength to reorganize my home. my back pain has also lesson which all together screams ~success~ to me.

i have however been renting yoga dvd's on netflix and buying more work out vids i haven't used yet (Dance of the Kama Sutra with Hemalayaa & Creative Core Abs with Shiva Rea). but i do often stretch and do some of the poses i've been doing for years. i feel so much better, i'm heading in the right direction. what a relief! i am slowly losing weight despite all my yummy baking of cookies, muffins, cakes, & hopefully granola bars today, simply through daily movement and an over balanced diet. one day, one moment at a time. balance, the middle way. i have the sweets but do so in balance not eating nothing but and filling up on water and veggies preventing weight gain. truth is for me it is easy to 'maintain' my weight but the effort i have to put in to losing it is where i fail. i'm not a teenager anymore where i can lose almost effortlessly, i actually have to try now! so, Elizabeth, get off your bum and MOVE IT!

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