Friday, March 5, 2010

Five Whole Pounds!

I've been on a rampage to change my lifestyle AGAIN by eating fresh food naturally fortified and as close to its essential nature as possible. In just four days of eating more salads and less processed food, even with homemade muffins, i managed to lose FIVE pounds!! My head is in the right place and my actions backed them up with quick results. It doesn't always happen this way, this fast but it did this time and fills me with hope and encouragement.

I've rearranged my kitchen and made room for the foods i will be highlighting in my diet from now on (hopefully). Doing and seeing the changes made changed me. This is real, this is easy, natural. My kiddo although opposed at first is also excited, more so about the fresh backed goodies than anything but still will to try new things. He panicked when he saw that there were no store-bought cookies, Little Debbie's, or pop tarts. He calmed down when I assured him that i would keep the kitchen stocked with fresh-baked goodies.

I think the new recipe for 'Banana Muffins' by Evie at Recipezaar i made a couple of days gave him confidence in me to make things he would actually love. he devoured those muffins! Now that my cupboard is mostly stocked up i need to figure out what i will make him today. Maybe some cookies this time.

I also need to find some hand-held healthy lunch recipes for my son to take to school. He HATES the food and would rather starve than eat most of what they serve. I was short on time last night and suggested a PB&J but he sweetly declined. I'm going to have to up my game. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking savory muffins, Samosas, and egg rolls, along those lines.

Happy Eating,


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