Friday, March 5, 2010

Eating & Moving to Live

 last week i got bad news from my dr. my thyroid was low, iron low, vit. d low, and blood sugar high. i don't have diabetes but if i don't lose weight i will. not only does the blood work and my extra pounds point to it but also does my family medical history. a father, brother, and great grandmother all had diabetes. it was upsetting to hear how so many things seem to be going wrong with my body. i knew i needed to and had been losing weight but i didn't think i was already showing signs of ill health from it besides tight clothes.

a long series of health problems, surgery, mourning, depression, and tight funds have created and compounded my problem. i have been losing some weight but not enough. things are changing for the better and i am getting the support i need to be able to get healthy again. i'm getting physical therapy for my back, i now have an assistant to help with all the house work and anything that aggravates my back, and finally excellent health care. these have been missing keys making my efforts almost futile.

the diabete scare and the concern of my kiddo's well being and cultivating life habits has propelled me into healthy eating/living again. i got side tracked with the series of health problems and loved one's lost but i'm back. i have healed enough to enter the conscious world. i have always loved healthy food prepared well and know the amazing feeling of eating live abundant fruits and veggies. i miss the strength and flexibility that a fit body gives me. like a cat i love curling up into impossibly small places, i miss that. i miss the little things that change when you go above a certain weight/size. i miss feeling petite.

healthy foods and sneaky dishes was something i was always pulling with my kiddo even before my favorite cook book, 'the sneaky chef', i would make oatmeal cookies with grapes and cream of wheat, i would add milk instead of water to recipes adding as much nutrient as i could. for myself i had the habit of eating 2/3 salad or veggie to 1/3 of everything else for my meals. i've lost and maintained weight this way and intend to do it again but this time i will have to work harder with my age and mobility against me.

the how to meeting my goals are healthy eating, breaking a sweat daily, daily stretches and frequent workouts with yoga, pilates, hula, bellydancing, and wiggles. i really want to go down to 130 lbs. i feel my best between 125-130 lbs. we'll see what my body allows.

it is important to include not only ones height but age and bone density when figuring out what your healthy weight range is. i went to to find out what mine is. the results are:

"your body mass index is 44.1. A BMI between 19 and 25 is considered healthy. For you, this weight range would be 114.2 pounds - 150.2 pounds. WITHOUT taking into account age or frame type, your ideal weight is: 126.8 pounds (Robinson formula for adult women). Taking into account your age and type of frame, your ideal weight is: 140.4 pounds."

so i still want to get down to 130 but i will not beat myself up if i can only manage 140. the weight is at the forefront but the impact i hope the loss of it will have is the most important, better cholesterol (think my doc mentioned that, i was in shock so...), lower sugar, balanced vitamins & mineral counts and hopefully a long healthy life for me and my kiddo.

*sigh* wish me luck!

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