Saturday, September 24, 2011

Empath Issues & New Youtube Channel

I'm excited about finally making / posting  videos for my nearly 2 year old YouTube channel, WitchesHallow. In recent weeks I've noticed a positive turn in the pagan youtube community and youtube in general. The vibe is more positive and i have new faces to gawk at, hee hee. fresh new faces, fresh new ideas!

I've never seem to be able to focus on any one thing because of my wide array of interests (and maybe ADD). I think my focus will mostly be on my spirituality and journey to health and healing. oh, that is what my channel and blog will mostly be about. i keep wanting to make vids for off the wall stuff, well we'll see.

i regards to vlog above i am working hard at opening up yet learning to set boundaries on every level of my beingness so that i'm not so open i take everything / too much on. i want to be in a place that the information is accessible but it doesn't take me over like it did the other night. omg, that's another story. ((deep breath))
note: i'm always on the hunt for more books, more resources, so please feel free to share!

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