Sunday, October 2, 2011

Movie Run

i've been MIA from my local video rental so they called offering a free rental and 2 weeks all rentals half price (including new arrivals). Whoop! so i only rented 7 movies! hee hee! all new releases, i think. they were all from the back wall anyhoooooo.

First on the reel was "Source Code",
OMG, it was SoOoo good! I think it maintained a perfect pace. never dragging anything out too long or letting things happen too quickly so every moment could be savored if only for a moment. (yuck, i'm so cliche. give me time, i'm rusty) the ending was perfection, i would have hated everyone involved if it had been any different! i will be watching it again and again i love it that much. and it's not just because the lead male is  Jake Gyllenhaal! there was drama, suspense, romance, ahhhhh. no, i didn't cry but i almost did a happy dance. i think this is the perfect date movie (disclosure: i'm a bit of a tom-boy)

"Sucker Punch" was deep. reminded me of Pan's Labyrinth for how the main character dealt with the trauma she was going through with imagination / illusions, softening the blow for her and the audience while at the same time making it a more exciting ride than if it had all been based in 'reality'. from this tragic story the message given to us is that we are the power in our world, no one else - loved that.

k, five more movies to go.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I loved Source Code. My 10 year-old and I picked the movie on movie night a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't even pause it to take a snack break!

    I can't wait to hear about the rest of the movies that you got.

  2. thanks Katie. i don't think i took any breaks either now that i think of it. such a killer movie!



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