Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Movie Night

"Season of the Witch" was a trailer in "Limitless" prompting me to watch it (It happened to be one of my 7 rentals).
Being a witch I have to watch anything about witches no matter how sensational it may be. I actually like the fantasy of being able to do the impossible like blowing on a candle and setting it ablaze or changing your whole outfit with the snap of your fingers! I don't care about the "inaccuracies" unless they are trying to make out that it is accurate of course but like most films they are not doing that. It's fantasy and it's fun! That being said this movie had weak acting among other things and slow bits but the ending was AWESOME! Full of poop your pants action and suspense. For me the ending was worth it. I love getting lost in movies, that's what there there for!

This may sound terrible but if I could do what Bradley Cooper did in "Limitless" I would! This movie was a great ride! I was on the edge of my couch invested in Cooper's character (sorry, don't know the name) rooting for him. OMGaaaaaaaaaaaaD, this was such a good movie I'm going to try to find time to watch it again before I have to return them all. Now I wont give any spoilers but I will say this - that despite the rating parents may want to watch it first to decide if they want to let there kids to watch and if they do let them, be prepared to have a talk afterwards, just FYI as a mom myself.

K,  three more movies to go. I don't know if i can watch in time. I do have my other programs to watch after all. Oh, four movies if you count "Limitless" which I hope to find time to watch again. I think I am actually going to buy this one. I rarely buy movies so that says a lot about this film.

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